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Job Oriented Spoken English Courses

Want to learn English quickly ? Beware of applications and other "miracle" recipes that make you look forward to becoming professional speaker in a matter of weeks . Let's be realistic! Learning a language effectively takes time. But rest assured, it is possible to learn and speak English faster than you did during the 10 years spent in school and have not given the desired results, despite long lists of vocabulary learned by heart, as well as many theoretical grammar courses.

To learn English and progress quickly , it is important to choose a recognized training organization and verify that it has a real method that delivers results.

The effectiveness of our method of English is based on an observation: in 10 years of English at school you have mostly done writing and theory . Nobody ever made you talk . This is paradoxical because to learn our mother tongue, we first learned to speak before learning to write.

Job oriented Spoken English course With the Ethix Global English Method, 65% of your English learning time is spent speaking, for only 35% of theory. 

From the early learning workshop to English for very young children to adult conversation classes and training for professionals, our teams design with expertise and enthusiasm programs deployed in our centers, in schools in companies or at home. 

The education and training sector is one of the most important sectors in the world and is considered to have one of the most developmental futures.

Why choose a Ethix Global franchise?

  1. We have an experienced teaching team led by Ethix Global. We have many years of experience in developing and teaching English programs from children to all of ages.

  2. Our English courses are designed to attract new students while keeping the children already registered and thus create new income while maintaining recurring income. We are constantly developing new programs and educational materials to allow our franchisees to expand their market. 

  3. You join a world famous and respected brand

  4. Our team dedicated to our franchisees is always available to assist you in your development, administrative records and marketing strategy. You benefit from high quality training and the experience of other franchisees in our international network through conferences, training, newsletter and online discussion forums.

Course offer based on the requirement and learning ability:

  1. Communicative English

  2. Business English

  3. Voice and Accent

  4. English for Children

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